Munish Mehta


This website is about all things that relates to technology, product, blogging, programming and productivity authored by Munish Mehta. It covers a variety of topics including but not limited to technical architecture, cloud computing, data architecture, software engineering, algorithms, data engineering, big data, machine Learning, artificial intelligence, devops, continuous delivery, microservices, product management, people leadership, etc.


Munish is an experienced programmer and devops engineer with demonstrated competencies across multiple verticals including but not limited to Retail, Media, Finance, Ad-Tech and ML/AI. He has played key roles in the organization he worked to achieve desired targets and demonstrated up and running business with new feature deployments with 100% uptime.

He is continuously exploring new and smart ways to work with technologies to achieve faster and better results. He started his professional journey in 2004 starting as a java developer. Over the years he has progressed to team lead, technical leads, designer and architect. Around 2014 in search of some new challenges he started to venture in Devops. Starting with ground up acquired basic certifications of RHEL to make the foundation strong and then went on to acquire Certifications in Docker, Kubernetes and AWS Architect. In various job roles he has assisted organizations to do cloud migrations, making the development and release flow smooth with CI CD pipelines and helped the developer(s) with custom tooling to help them make life easy.

Looking for new challenges he has started to look to build his knowledge in Machine learning and Artificial intelligence. As a side project, He is currently working on a python project which makes use of Machine learning and artificial intelligence to help people make decisions about career progression based on inputs provided such as educational background, grades, interests etc.

Last but not least, Munish has started to build a youtube channel and is working on authoring a series of python books on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The first part of the python book is expected to come out sometime in May 2023. He is a tireless advocate of diversity in tech, open-source, operational excellence, and continuous improvement. He regularly writes on his blog and speaks at various forums.

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